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1848Foreign Language Friday: This excellent chap is from Costa Rica and his Spanish SOTM means "do it for the people you love". He tells all in his audio commentary revealing that he was once chatting to one of his best friends over the internet and feeling rather bleak about life.

"I was feeling that nothing in this life had any meaning. I told him that I don't think that anything I will do, no matter if it's great or if it's insignificant will transcend in any way".

In reply, his friend told our subject this. "He told me I have to do things for the people I love. It doesn't matter if it's one or if it's 50. You must do the the things that you do for the people that you love. Not for you. You are the least important person in your life."

Taken in Porto, Portugal during the TBU travel blogging conference.

Our subject's design website can be found here.

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