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Red Ants Can Kill A Whole Person

508Sent in by Kat Meads, who wrote: "Taken in the main square of Krakow, Poland, on a very snowy New Years Day. The subject of the SOTM (Russell) was told this by his charming, wonderful and very humble wife to be.

"She (who shall remain nameless), after seeing as a child on TV (now believed to be Indiana Jones) something where a swarm of red ants chomped up a whole person - and for many years later believed it was a true to life documentary and therefore believed red ants to be highly dangerous, like lions and crocodiles.

"Russ maintains all along that he technically doubts the validity of the statement.... Although he does seem to twitch nervously when one is spotted." To see the photographer and bride-to-be's own SOTM, click here.

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