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Don't Burn Your Bridges

872Kristy Hom sent in this quite marvellous effort from Ft Huachuca, Arizona USA. She put so much into this photograph and it’s a wonderful result. She explained: “This particular bridge had been destroyed and rebuilt several years ago, when a car upstream was carried away by the current, and smashed into the bridge.

"This incident seems a good metaphor for the advice, 'Don't burn your bridges', which has been given me more than once in my life. This photo was made with my handmade pinhole camera constructed from a pumpkin, and a black and white paper negative.

"The exposure was 2 minutes long- which started with my opening the tape shutter, running into the guessed field of view (there is no viewfinder) and holding the sign and my body as still as I could for the remainder of the exposure. I love how I came out faceless, and how the bridge behind me shows through in a ghostly way.

"To me, this ghostlyness can mean a person not taking responsibility for his or her actions by trying to remain anonymous, when instead she should solidly and honestly own that responsibility, and not burn her bridges.”

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Jess (@lovelychaos)

"Brilliant, brilliant stuff."


"A pumpkin pinhole camera - that is just genius! Nice photo."

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