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You Are Not The Victim Anymore!


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Kelly C

"Simon- what a wonderful breakthrough to have. I think it is wonderful and incredibly brave that you chose to share a piece of yourself that is so vulnerable. Thank you for being you."

Renee G

"very powerful... defineteky uplifting and motivating we are all the product of many many things , but we can change from the inside out and re shape our destiny. Beautiful story! Thanks so much"


"That is a wonderful story and I have to confess, personally uplifting because I'm an occupational therapist and it's great to see us mentioned so positively!"


"I'm right there in that place today, today I valued myself properly for the first time. I'm so relieved and totally exhausted. Thank you so much for your SOTM, it's precious. "


"Simon: Congratulations on your successful transition. Your story, your words will no doubt impact others and allow them or those they love to be helped through a difficult time one day. take care."


"Love & cwtches to you Simon and thanks for such a great SOTM - it is really inspiring and yes, uplifting. "


"Well said. Powerful post."


"I agree with the previous commenter - your experience is very uplifting! Thank you."


"How can the fact that you have overcome such serious emotional trauma _not_ be uplifting? This is a great SOTM!"


"I'm so glad that you could start recovering, this story is so touching "

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