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Someday You'll Be Too Big To Do That

1142Kelsey Nunes submitted this from Momence, IL, United States. She wrote: “I don't have many memories from being a preschooler. I have fleeting images of my first house, certain memories of color, smells, and emotions. However, I do have one vivid memory.

"As a preschooler, I waited outside at the end of my driveway every day for the bus. At the end of my driveway were two lamp posts. I would jump up, grab hold of the handles on the lamp posts, and swing back and forth.

“Waiting with me was an old man named Bob who lived next door. My family was his family, but we never really talked. After all, what does an old man have to chat abotu with a preschooler?

"Yet on this particular day, he watched as he I swung back and forth on the lamp post's handles and said, 'ya know, someday you'll be too big to do that.' At the time, I dismissed it. I can't explain why it stuck with me all of these years. I am now twenty one.

“But at this crucial moment in my life where I feel I am being catapulted into adulthood, I understand what Bob was trying to say. Experience life, enjoy the moment, this day will never be again, one day you won't be as beautiful and as young as you are now. I wonly wish he could be here now to see how much I've grown.”

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