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2083Our charming subject is Amy Imhoff, who is a passionate fan of Star Trek, and draws her SOTM from that series. She explains in her audio clip that "This is something that I heard from Star Trek: Voyager when I was in high school. Kate Mulgrew who plays Kathryn Janeway, said it. She’s been a huge inspiration for me.

”This made me feel, when I was an outcast in grade school and a little bit in high school, that when I went off to college I was not going to be that person, I wasn’t going to be the person with no voice. I was going to be my full geeky self. “I’ve kept that quote with me. It’s been in my dorm room, it’s been in all of the apartments I’ve lived in, it’s in our house right now. I’ve met Kate Mulgrew quite a few times, and I feel that she was speaking to me when she said it.” Taken in New York, USA.

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