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You Need To Stop Thinking So Much. It's Not Good For You.

805Rachael sent this in from Plymouth, Devon. She wrote: “It was my mum that said it to me, at the time I was suffering from anxiety and just about everything, even the simple task of going to college was scaring me stupid.

"My mum really helped me overcome some of my fears and all I had to do was simply stop thinking so much. (although it sounds easier than it actually is)

"The picture was taken in my room because it was always and still is my 'safe place', it's also the room in which my mum told me to stop thinking so much. Because it wasn't good for me.”

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"I relate to this so much. i am still struggling alot with my anxiety, and likewise, my room is my \'safe place\'. Wow its good to know there are more people like me out there, thanks for the insp"


"I can identify with this and so can my boyfriend. He's struggled with it for years. A lot of it is in your head... but I wanted to let you know that going to college is by no means a simple little ta"

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