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074"I was on holiday in Spain at the time when George Bush was re-elected. Such was the gravity of the election I found I actually couldn’t sleep for thinking about it.

"So, I went down to a television room to watch coverage of the states as they rolled in, surrounded by largely hotel staff. It was at that point when a man across the room shouted 'never trust a Christian cowboy' at me with a southern European accent of some form.

"It stuck with me as firstly, it was a real reflection of the international mood of the moment, and also because someone who appeared to barely speak English could summarise the situation far better than I could in my mother tongue."

Taken at the Sentinel newspaper in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

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"And has just proposed to his girlfriend, I'm afraid Tina :-D"


"he's cute!"

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