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Never Send An Angry Letter And Create Evidence Of Your Own Stupidity. Write, Destroy, Start Again

2386“So all of us at some point hear statements that grab our attention,” says Ryan in his audio commentary.

”Most of mine came from my dad. He has one of those ways of saying very pithy things. This is one of those things that he’s told me.

”So write whatever you’ve got to say, get it off your chest, destroy it, tear it up, start over again. Eventually you’re going to have a much better result. I can’t count the number of times that’s worked out for me and certainly created a much shorter paper trail of my own idiocy.

”Once in a while I’ve failed and have not heeded its wisdom, and it certainly has caused distress and trouble so I’ll do my best to keep it in mind in future and I’m sure it’ll pay off.”

Taken in Krabi, Thailand during the SOTM World Tour.

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