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2444“So my grandfather, known as my 'avi' in Icelandic, was a double spy during WWII for the British Royal Navy,” Heather says in her audio commentary.

”He helped organise D-Day. He was kidnapped by the Germans and taken on a submarine to Iceland, told ‘we know where your family is, we know where your wife is, we’ll kill them if you don’t help us.’

”So he went to Iceland, told this to the British. They arrested him, threw him in jail, finally figured out he was telling the truth and decided he should become a double agent.

”While he was working there in Reykjavik, on the door of the British Royal Navy’s officer’s club, this was on a sign.

”He told me this, as well as ‘don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’. Which leaves a lot for leeway.”

Taken in San Francisco, California during the SOTM World Tour.

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