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2139“It was a night out in Gypsy Bar in Boston,” he explains in his audio clip, which contains a brilliant story and some adult language. “It was the end of the night and the coat queue was forming pretty heavily. Two guys had got into a fight. One guy going for the other one goes to punch the other in the face but the other ducks and punches one of the girls I was out with directly in the face.

”I look down, all that’s left on the floor are her high heels. She’s five feet down the hallway. So I immediately threaten the guy who punched her. That causes another fight. I decide to take refuge in the women’s bathroom because I think it’s the safest place for me to go.

”But immediately opening up the door, a group of women are saying ‘What are you doing in here? Get out of here’. All I can think to say is ‘I’m in transition, bitches’. They say ‘Well, if you are, show me.’ And I said ‘Well, if I do that, you’re going to have to eat it too.’

”So another fight breaks out and I have to run out of the women’s bathroom, hoping not to run into the other people. It’s time to make it into the street and get into a cab. We knock on the side of the cab and the driver immediately says ‘Did you call for this taxi?’ And we’re like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, we called for this taxi.’ So he’s like ‘OK, just wanted to make sure, get in.’

”As we get in, one of our group says ‘We didn’t call for this cab.’ The window’s down so the people who did call for the taxi hear it and they immediately decide to jump on the cab and start banging on it. The window’s down so they’re putting their hands through, grabbing hair. All the cab driver can do is slam on the brakes and have the people fly off the cab. We take off and make it home.”

Joshua has a travel blog called VIP Vagabond. Taken in Augsburg, Germany on the SOTM World Tour.

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