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You Can Never Do It

767This is the artist Natasha Wescoat, and this is her impromptu SOTM. It was taken with a hastily purchased pen, sheet of wrapping paper (if you look closely you'll see the pattern on the other side) and with the use of my Nokia N95, as I was locked out of the apartment where I was staying in Los Angeles, USA, and this was my last chance to get her shot.

She explains in her Audioboo how her first grade teacher told her this, at the age of six. She’s also heard it several other times during her life, at times when she was attempting something creative.

“I continually proved them wrong,” she said.” Taken on the roof of the car park that is next to the Arclight Cinema complex.

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sara e

"Amazing advice for certain people. The best thing my father has ever told me was that my idea for a metal bird sculpture was impossible. I completed it in 6 hours and he was shocked and proud though h"

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