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It's A Girl

766Alan Paris sent this jaw-dropping SOTM in from Balzan in my beloved Malta, and it's now one of my favourite images on this site. He wrote: “I always had a fantastic relationship with my wife. It was always bigger than me or anything I could understand.

"When we found out that we were pregnant, she simply became more incredible, unbelievable to me. I had this feeling that we were having a boy. I was wrong. Thankfully! The fact that we were having a girl was possibly the third most life changing thing anyone once told me; after 1. 'Wake up, Mummy's gone' and 2. Two lines on a pregnancy test.

"Nothing really changes once you get to know what you're having. I didn't want to know, but it wasn't really my call. Once you find out you do have a clearer picture of things to come. Evie is born now. From this side of the fence I can now say that 'You do have a clearer picture. But you're still seeing it from very, VERY far away!'

"This picture was taken just in time - at home, two days before Evie was born! I just realised that!”

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"My God this made me cry!"


"She is beautiful."


"you have a glow that could light up the world, god bless your family"


"This is most definitely my favourite SOTM. I hope I glow like that when it's my turn! xx"


"Wow! She looks stunning and so happy - think this is my fave SOTM"


"i absolutely love this one "


"oh my STUNNING. touching. lovely. love you both so much xxxxxx "

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