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1191This week on SOTM will see images featuring people connected to Centrepoint, a charity that provides emergency accommodation, support, information and training for homeless young people in London.

Our subject, Raffell, is a young man who Centrepoint has helped. He said he was often told his SOTM by his grandmother, who would say: “Anything you shouldn’t have seen, you never saw it. Anything you shouldn’t have heard, you never heard it.” He explains more in his audio commentary.

Raffell went on to say that the reason he got involved in Centrepoint was because “my life was going downhill, and they helped me to sort myself out”. Taken in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Centrepoint said: "These photos are part of Centrepoint's 'More than a gift’ campaign, where you can give a gift that really means something to homeless young people.

"Why not give a loved one the pleasure of choosing which gift to give? Just pick a voucher and let them decide how the money is spent."

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