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I Was Not Old Until I Turned 80

1891Amanda Riske sent this in from Shanghai, China. She wrote: "When with my Godmother the only way I remember the fact that she is soon approaching 90 is her white hair and the frequency of her asking 'What?' before she puts her ‘ears on’.

"She is one of the most dynamic people I know, she is still lively and particular about how she likes her afternoon martini. I often solicit to her for advice and perspective on life when I am at a crossroad. One year I was trying to figure out if I should move back to the USA to go back to school after living in Europe for five years or move to Shanghai to start a new job.

"My hesitation in moving to Shanghai was that I would be 30 after a two year stint in Shanghai and was unsure if I could start a new career. Her response was 'I was not old until I turned 80'. Her outlook that people can reinvent themselves no matter what age, that our adventures do not have an early expiration date, has been really inspiring and freeing to me.

"I am still in Shanghai four years later and will see where I will land after this."

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"Fantastic. How refreshing."

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