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2196This is the amazing Linda, who works at Missionvale Care Centre in Port Elizabeth, where much great work goes on to help the people of the adjoining Missionvale township. Of her SOTM, she says in her audio clip that: “I work at the care centre with a man called Bishop. At the care centre we have a very special garden, it’s a garden of remembrance where we pay tribute to people who have passed on but have meant a great deal to us and made a great difference here at the care centre.

”One day I passed Bishop and he was working like a Trojan and I said to him ‘Gosh Bishop, but you’re working very hard.’ He looked at me, he paused and he said this.”

Incidentally, the pot at the top right of the picture is that of Linda’s grandfather. Taken at Missionvale Care Centre at Missionvale township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the SOTM World Tour.

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