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2468"So probably 10 years ago I met a guy called Rob who was instantly fascinating to me," says Louis in his audio commentary.

"He had gone a very radical route to most people in society. He'd left his job, he'd given away everything he owned.

"It was just so different to society and it really challenged me. It made me question everything I'd been taught about society and what we should and shouldn't do.

"One day he just looked at me and asked me this. It sounds like such a simple phrase and sounds like something you could easily answer but it's a very deep question.

"What do you want to do with your life? Are you doing what you want right this moment?

"It set off a series of questions which led to my whole life changing direction, because I wasn't doing any longer what other people wanted me to do, or what I should be doing.

"It was deep down, in my heart, what I want to be doing."

Louis has a very successful YouTube channel in which he posts a daily video chronicling his various adventures.

Taken in Tower Hill, London, UK.

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Salih Ghauri

"Just want to say a big thanks to Mr Louis Cole for inspiring me. I really like your travel vlogs. "

Nora Crafton

"Thank you so so very much Louis, for constantly reminding me with your vlogs what life is about. That life isn't about the material things but instead its about relationships with old and new friends, and the experiences you have with them. As well as the idea that we were made to go, not sit around ,behind a computer, or a desk our whole life and worry about having ,the best this, or the most expensive that. But instead to make adventures and joy out of the circumstances around us. And Just as you say "peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure,boom" that exactly what its all about. Enjoying and making the most out of every circumstance "1 thes 5:16-18" Has been my favorite verse and its refreshing and encouraging to see someone live it out. honestly you have been the best male remodel in my life, though i don't even know you for personally. But you honestly have helped me realize some things. First that you can have fun and be in Christ at the same time. Well anyway i just wanted to thank you for being a Christ like example and being a remodel for how to live and love all those around me. "

Jack Wolf

"I have got the question "what do you wanna do with your life" many times, and every time, i dont know what do response... ofc. i can say things that i would like to try, but in the end, it's never what i really want to.... Louis you have helped me so much, because... i wanna be a youtuber (ofc. not everybody can be that) i wanna be a part of that big family, i wanna travel the world and meet people everywhere, that's what i want, and that's what i will fight for!"

Kitty H. Waage

"I hope one day , you can by my Louis, to your Rob. =) I watch your youtube channel every day , and Im so glad i found you few months back. You make me think about life ,like ive never done. Thank you ! ;)"

Megan Dolan

"I would honestly like to give a huge shout out to Louis for helping me realize what is important in life and how I should focus on what I love and living in the moment. I watch your videos all the time and days when I am feeling a little discouraged, I turn to your youtube to help me stay inspired. Congrats on everything you have been able to do in life and thanks to you, I am enjoying life and living the adventure. BOOM!"

Holly Westbrook

"I've asked myself this question many times since I was little. The answer has never changed. Flying is what I want to do and thousands of feet above the ground is where I want to be. If I'm ever feeling doubtful in my choice of career, this question always brings everything back into perspective. Definitely life-changing. Keep doing what you love, Louis! "


"Thanks for being MY Rob, Louis."

Sadie Hughes

"Hi Louis, that's such an inspirational story.It's really made me question what I want. Rod sounds like such an amazing guy so thank you Rob and thank you Louis for making me search deeper into my heart. "


"I always wanted to be a important technical guy or something in that direction, but Louis is just fun, and inspiring at the same time, I just asked myself the same text like the quote. "What do you want" But my aspects of things are different now. Leaving this summer to my Adventure #lifetheadventure -Nick Havlkk"


"Louis is literally the most awesome person in the entire world. He is a huge inspiration to me and always cheers my bad days up. I couldn't even imagine my life without Fun for Louis anymore. BIG LOVE!!!!"


"I would like to thank Louis for being so inspiring. I grew up in a small town in Sweden, where everyone get's a job nearby and have a family by the time they're 25. I have always known that isn't for me, I just haven't known what to do. Not having a plan is something that is kind of terrifying for me, watching Louis vlogs has taught me that you don't have to have a plan for everything in life, sometimes not having a plan for the afternoon and just going out for a coffee is what changes your entire way of living. Also, you should go with Josh to Sweden for Bråvalla music festival, it will be amazing. You're the best. "

Sandy Rowley

"Thank you Louis as this has helped me to realize that I don't know what I exactly want to do in life but that I will find it deep inside me and then I will know what it is I am to become in life and what do I want to do with that feeling for adventure and peace . Thank you for posting this and if you have any advice in my situation please put in your view by emailing me ."


"You are awesome."


"As a 17 year old living in New Zealand, it's easy to just follow the rule of society. I often get carried away with how others want me to be like, and never focus on what I want. Louis inspires me so much to do what I love. To be adventurous, and live life to the fullest. I am forever grateful on how he has changed my outlook on life. Thankyou :)"


"I just want Louis to know that he have changed my life almost the same way his friend Rob changed his. I am still doing what others and society expect of me, mostly, but I am in the phase of questioning and trying so very hard to find a way to introduce me, who I am, and what I want to the people around me and society as a whole. You have really inspired me to become what I should have been from the start and even though you really do not know me and probably never will, I am so so so happy that we have your channel as a line of communications b/c your videos are what I live for during the days where I can not live for what I really want. So a BIG thank you xx"


"I love this. Ever since I found Louis' channel, he's been inspiring me to change up my life and my perceptions of what is normal, what is acceptable. I look up to him so much and it seems only fitting that now this quote that changed his life is part of my wake up call to start doing what I want -- to start figuring out what I want. "

Maria L Calderon

"I want to start off by saying Thank You sooooo so much !!! You've made a huge impact on my life ! As a teenager I know that I don't take anything too seriously I just do what I want & I don't fear the consequences . But you've showed me that anything is possible & if you work hard enough & set your mind to it the right way you will succeed in life! NO negetivity is needed! NOR bad vibes. For us mediocrity is not an option ,only excellence will do , who we are has value & what we think has value , who we become is valuable to the world! Also what I've learned from you is that , you don't get what you wish for , you get what you work for & that I need to STOP dreaming my life & to START living my dreams! Thank you so much Loui , your positivity towards life has helped me so much not to fear anything & it has taught me that in the end life gets better! I hope you read this & I hope you're proud of all the good things you do & just know that you are changing lifes & know that you're doing something right! I hope you read this & reply back (: God Bless , just know I'm livin' my adventure ! ~Always , Maria "


"I want to be inspiring people just like you are doing. "


"When we meet people like these we often view them with disdain when we should be embracing them for their sheer brilliance! Louis is a man who lives life to the full and truly loves life and lives the adventure ( ;) ) he is truly inspiring and amazing and to answer what i want, i want more people to be as selfless as Rob and Louis who goes out of his way to be kind and considerate and always look for the positive in everyone else"


"i want to meet you and go penny boarding with you. That's what i want."


"I am awed by Louis's bravery and courage. It takes guts to realize what you want and then do it. I hope someday to find the willpower to do the same. "

Erica Långbacka

"If there was more people like you, the world would be such a nice place! You and your videos inspire me so much, you are so positive, creative, lives your life, and are open-minded to everyone you see! Keep up the good work, we love you for who you are and what you stand for! "


"Louis inspires me so much, thanks to him I took the opportunity to go on an exchange. I'm only 16, but he inspired me to do what I want and to explore the world, and now in 2 months I'm going to live in the Dominican Republic for 4 months (I'm from Belgium) He's such an amazing human being, I really am fascinated by his way of living, keep living the dream! I hope I can meet him one day, and I hope I can have an amazing life as his! Love you Louis!"


"such an inspiration louis for me trying to become a games designer and youtube film creator at the same time, we need more people like you! :D"


"Nice one Luis!"


"I want to travel the world, and Louis inspires me to."


"louis is my rob.. "


"hi Louis please follow me on Instagram (20lukasc02)"


"Louis is such an inspiration, such a beautiful and positive human! So much love for him!"


"I must say, that Louis has changed my perspective on life, and changed all of my views on what I want to do. This inspired me, and sent multiple questions rushing through my head. What do I want to do with my life? "


"Good will to you always and forever Louis as you continue on your journey. What a beautiful human being you are in this world. Thankyou for your constant motivation, inspiration and energy. You uphold such rare and special traits- a real credit you. Goodluck you go getter!!! You have a kind of raw energy that radiates with all that you do, a unique quality that cannot be taught. You are reaching other peoples lives in a positive way Louis. Be well. Thankyou. "


"Wow Louis another way of inspiring me, you and Ben are my biggest influences in my life, so thanks. On my bucket list it says to meet Louis Cole so hopefully it will happen one day."


"I'm a seventeen French girl and, Louis, I want to say that you've kind of change my life. Since I was little, my dream is to travel the world, meet other people, discover new cultures and see beautiful places. But in my head, it was just a dream that would be really difficult to achieve. Then, I've started to watch your videos a few months ago, and i've realised that if you can do it, I can surely do it too. Nothing will never prevent me to have the life that I want. I am going to live the adventure! :) And maybe one day, in a couple of years, I will be on this blog in saying that YOU are at the origin of my life changing direction and so much more. Thanks for being such an inspiration. (And sorry for my not-perfect-english) Love xx"


"I hope one day I can meet you and that would be an awesome adventure. After finding your channel I rediscovered my passion for doing things that make me happy, traveling being a big part of that. You just inspire me and of course millions of others. You are simply an extraordinary man. To happiness xo"

Emma :)

"Well done louis :) im so glad your thinking of your life and what you want to do instead of going along with society, i love you so much and bc of you im thinking of starting vlogs. iv already got a channel that i post videos of my horse on: i only have 18 subscribers but with your inspiration i hope to get more soon, thankyou for so much louis and good luck with your life :) and the plane ;P And again, thankyou for everything x"

samuel bodnar

"I love you louis :) ... Im praying that you will come to Slovakia .... Im not from slovakia buut im from Ukraine. When i was little my parents were teaching me English so i wold have a good job . And I lived a I was boren in Poland. You make me so happy .Please come to Slovakia,Kosice (its were I live) :) bye:). "


"Not only is it cool that we have the same name, we both love travelling! Although I haven’t been able to have the amazing opportunities that live has given you, I still love getting out and about with my music whenever is possible! I respect you greatly for the values you hold, your treasuring of your travels, and how you are able to handle anything that life throws at you! I know so many people must tell you this, but I look up to you hugely.. Keep on doing what you love, and remember this; If, at any stage you do not enjoy what you are doing in your life, give it a break and come back to it. If it’s still not what you enjoy anymore, let it go. We, all your subscribers, viewers, followers etc. will always support you through all of your travels, and you are always in our hearts! Best of luck for the future Louis, if you ever need a tour around here in Tassie, Australia.. I’ll be sure you show you around! Bosche brother!"

Amy Juliet

"Louis. You. Are. Amazing. I look forward to your videos everyday! You truly live life to the full and make the best of every situation! Your life is an inspiration to us all and I'm looking forward to what you do next! :)"


"This quote is perfect to live by, the route to happiness is definitely by asking these questions to yourself. I always question whether i am too over ambitious about the future but at the end of the day, if you do something you love and enjoy, it will allow you to work hard and become successful. "


"You are just amazing Louis!"


"Hi, i am 21 and living inCalifornia. I graduated university early May and am now faced with that very question "What do i want?" Even though i know exactly what i want (travel the world and help those in poverty) it just doesnt seem like a possibility for me:( I long to travel so much that i recently got my first tattoo: Wanderlust. I get so inspired by Funforlouis and Jacksgap videos and envy/admire thier lives! Hopefully one day, i can do the same:) "


"So interesting to know who and what inspired the person who inspires me. Good on you Louis! :) "


"The first FunforLouis vlog i watched was when you went bungee jumping. Since then I've made sure to watch the latest vlog everyday. All of your videos have inspired me to get up and do something, and for that Louis I thank you."


"Louis you are incredible! What you do inspires me everyday to live life to the fullest. Thank you so much for everything you do, you have actually completely changed my outlook on life! You are amazing :)"


"Louis you're the best,you're such an inspiration(: "


"I'm only 14 and you have inspired me so much to do something because I want to not because of what everyone expects me do to love your videos by the way "


"Living in the US where propaganda teaches us to be afraid to travel outside our country and if we don't get a job right out of college and start a family right away, there must be something wrong with us.... It simply makes life as an adult a scary place. I'm 24 and still feel completely unaware of where my life is heading. Watching your youtube channel, Louis makes me want to strive for happiness and well, in a nutshell be a over all good person. You inspire me to live free and not to be afraid of what troubles might come tomorrow; just "live the adventure." Thank you. "


"So much love for this man. I look up to him a lot."

Ana Maria

"As Rob inspired you, you've inspired me Louis! I've always felt like a misfit because i don't necessarily see life as other "normal" people do, i am usually portrayed as weird and strange because of that and normally i consider it a compliment but it can sometimes affect my opinion. You helped me realize that life is not for others but for yourself and that you should stay true to yourself and your passion. Now i'm always proud of who i am and who i want to be. Thank you Louis for being such a great guy and being a guide for so many without even being aware of it! "


"i totally agree this has realy inspired me i think iam going to work harder on wat i love in life"

Keyona Parker

"I want to be happy, and ultimately that boils down to feeling secure. I constantly battle with the need to please others and to not make anyone mad. Ever sense I was young the things that hurt me most were words. I Don't want to be that way anymore. I don't want my happiness to derive from the happiness of others. For the longest time, I have always believed what everyone has said. I guess that shows how gullible of a person I am. Whatever nickname or phrase I was called, I BELIEVED it. I just want to be different. #LouiseCole"


"Its not been a year since i've subscribe to you Louis but I've been watching ur old videos everyday and specially your blogs..ur such a big inspiration to me louis and to all of us whos watching u.. god bless! :) "


"That's so cool man ur a really cool dude Louis and I think it's great that everyday u wake up and film an amazing day with you and your friends I one day would love to wake up hold a camera and film my everyday life with my friends!! Keep vlogging and enjoy life to fullest......BOOM!!"


"I admire your desire to help those who are in need. Watching your videos helped me realize that I would love to work with non-profit organizations, locally and globally. I hope to one day be able to enjoy life and live the adventure as much as you do. "


"Hi Louis, I just want to say I love watching your vlogs and getting to follow you on all your adventures, it gives me a sence of all there is to the world as I watch your blogs from my dorm in boarding school. The work you do and all your vlogs are really inspiring, I love how opportunistic you are and also how excited and enthusiastic you are when working on new projects like recently with wanting to get an aeroplane to convert it into a living space (I'm sure it'll turn out amazing and I wish you all the best with it). Finally to answer your question on the sketchpad, with only one year on secondary level education left I want to continue my education by going to art college I don't exactly know what to specify in but I'll figure out the specifics as I go. Thank you you for all the inspiration, Clodagh. :D"


"Oh man Louis you truly inspire me to do more with my life instead of doing small things in life. I'm still a bit young and bit unsure but I hope to find my path and become a traveling artist. :) hugs from all the way from New jersey."


"Louis, you are a massive inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people. Thankyou."


"Thats what louis doing for me"

elli Moore

"Really inspiring..I wish I can do what I really want! it is hard and a big step to give up everything and do that and I really admire you and Rob for doing what you love. Hopefully someday I will do the same!"


"you're truly an inspiration Louis :) lots of love xo"


"Louis! Thank you for everything. You have instilled in me an overwhelming sense of positivity through watching your videos. My mind set regarding my life has completely shifted for the better thanks to you. Thanks again :)"

Melanie from Auckland, New Zealand

"After binge watching "Draw my life" videos. I came across Louis and all his tagged videos attached. To be honest I was more in awe that people like Louis & Rob exist. I had to watch more to make sure they were real. Inspirational Genuine and Honest comes to mind. Now I get my daily fix of FUN FOR LOUIS, not only for the travels which I love but to see all the great work Louis does for others!"

Tam Kaur Gulati

"Louis, you have no idea as to how much you inspire people. Someday, people will be holding up such quotes from what YOU have said. I genuinely feel that the carefree way in which you live life has impacted many and has changed their attitude about what they want. Carry on doing what you are doing - keep inspiring, keep creating, keep living the adventure! xx"


"Louis, I really wish that one day I would be as cool and as happy with my life as you are. I have set this goal that I will travel as much as you have... Thank you for being you, thank you for all the inspiration... Lots of love from Greece! PS: Come visit Greece and maybe do a meet up?!?!?!"


"Just remember that what Rob said to you not only changed your life, it's changed many lives around the world. People you've inspired to travel thanks to your life adventure, people who can't have a good night sleep without hearing an "Enjoy life and live the adventure, boom", people who see life from a completely different perspective thanks to you. There's not a single bad bone in your body Louis, all you do is achieve your main goal every single day, which is to spread happiness. Well done Louis, you're an amazing human being, and we're all proud to be a part of your life."


"you inspire me so much louis! :)"


"What Rob did for you, you are doing for millions.. And those millions may also do it for many more. Maybe that's all it takes to change society :) Thank you!"


"Louis you are amazing! I love watching your've inspired me greatly with not only your lifestyle but in the way that you handle yourself and treat others. God truly has great plans for you and I can already see how much you've started fulfilling some of them! Your nomadic lifestyle is one that I really look up to, and you've also led me to thinking about that kind of lifestyle for myself. I'm only 16 but I want to see the world so badly...I'm taking little steps toward making that possible, and you have shown me ways to not only appreciate the world but to do good in it. I can truthfully say that you are my role model! Peace and love. xx"


"Hey Louis you seriously are my biggest inspiration man and I know you probably get that all the time but you seriously are like how rob was for you to me (if that makes sense). It would be so cool to have a chat to you someday. I hope this comment finds you From Annalise all the way from Australia "


"Love you Louis!!! "


"It's amazing how someone so simple can just change your life instantly! Love you Louis. "


"Hi everyone! Thanks so much for posting comments on Louis' SOTM. Just wanted to let you know I had a problem with the site's comments and a small number of you might have had your comments cut short. Many apologies if that happened and I've fixed the issue so you can leave a longer message now if you like. And don't forget that you can send in your own SOTM easily - just click the Submit Your SOTM button! What did someone once tell you?"


"Through Louis' channel on YouTube I've been inspired since the first video I've watched. It makes me want to enjoy life, live adventures, because we have such social routines that don't make us feel alive and happy at all. He does what he loves, what he wants, without thinking about anything else, only good things. He's such a man who rides life how he expects. I feel infinite when I watch his videos, it's like, everybody should take his life proportion. It made me drink coffee and eat more chocolat tho lol but he reached my soul. Much love from down Brazil, I wish you come here again and can vlog some things. I love who you are Louis Cole! Cheers! X"


"Stages of your life can have a start and an end, remembering certain stages that were the best moments of your life, and just wondering why there was an end to those stages, then understanding that it's something that I liked but was socially unacceptable, and that your life is being controlled by social means. One day I will eventually eradicate social norms within my life and live a life that I control just like Louis "


"It's funny how someone changed your life and now you're changing mine with your daily videos and especially your Draw My Life video. It gave me an inspiration. "


"Hi Louis ! Great story - And i just want to say thank you. You have inspired me so much. My view on the world has changed a lot just because of you. I will not live the boring life"


"Everyone's been brought up having to go through at least 18 years of education, where we're constantly being told what we can and can't do. I believe in this message as we should live our own lives"

Leana from Montreal :)

"Love this quote, also huge fan of Louis, you're such an inspiration!"

Jay B

"Louis, I'm so blessed to have found your YouTube channel. You have inspired me to become more adventurous and to live life in the moment."


"I watch Louis video over moon and to be own channel by like you Louis and other youtubers . Be so blessed by your parents and you family , friends like Steve and Ben . From Amel from Milton Keynes "


"Wow yeah i can totally see that it only looks like a simple phrase but really it can be life-changing. Its the best when we realise where we are going and if it has a real purpose, louis good work"


"Louis is such a positive role model, I watch his daily vloggs over on his YouTube channel and have been for over a year now - so inspiring. :-)"


"Louis himself is my inspiration in life. I feel so blessed to have found his story and now i live by him motto: "Peace Out, Enjoy Life and Live the Adventure" Cat, from Portugal :)"


"Louis, I just want to say that I admire you so much for living your life the way you do and knowing what it is that makes you happy. I'm 21 and haven't been lucky enough yet to discover what I want "


"Louis youtube videos, changed my life! It makes want to travel all beautiful places we have around us. I am so proud and blessed by Louis. God Bless him."


"This is just something amazing. It's one of those things in life that just makes you sit back, think and eventually smile. Thank you Louis for showing us this website and also thank you for being you"


"It's amazing what you can learn about yourself when you get these kind of questions, life is about doing what you love. What we´ve been told is right, doesn't have to be what you think it actually is"


"I've been sent here from Louis youtube channel and I just wanna say he is such an inspirational guy! He really makes me personally want to do what I want to do, not what everyone else thinks I should do"


"Wow. This is so life changing. I just wanted to thank you, Louis, for putting these types of messages out there; It really inspires me to be myself and follow my dreams! :)"

Kyle Norvell

"Hi Louis!!! I'm here because of ur utube channel. u are completely inspirational to me. keep it up!!!"


"Its amazing how different people interpret such a simple question. I think it all depends on who is aasking the question and how they ask it. This is an amazing story. Im a huge fan of louis "


"buena historia...seguir tus sueños y no los sueños de las demas personas... soy una gran fan de tu canal... hi from brasil :) "


"Well, i have been thinking about this for quite a while now. I'm 16 and still in school but when i am at school i start wondering what if i died tomorrow, then all the years I spend in school were a "


"wow louis ! thats amazing! really inspirational story! greetings from LA , Cali!! ps. i love your vlogs! keep up the good work ! "


"Now, you are the one who also inspires a lot of us Louis. Your vlogs make me want to discover the world thanks to all the work you put in your videos. A very big THANK YOU !"

Chris Mclaughlin

"Hey Louis It would mean the world to me if you would reply I love your videos so much and your such am amazing guy , I wish I could have a life like yours "


"Thanks Louis for the quote, you (and the quote!) are very inspiring! It makes me think again of what I really want in life. Maybe that isn't the same as what I'm doing right now... "

Niamh Smylie

"this is amazing made me think a lot as small as it is it's powerful :)"


"Thank you Rob for existing! Louis you're a legend! :D"

Kimmy Bergman

"Hi Louis! Awesome quote :D"

Samantha Berg

"When I discovered your videos I was suffering with OCD and drowning in negativity. Now, I am finally happy thanks to your positive, peaceful spirit. The example you've set has changed my life. "


"I also watch Louis' videos religiously. I'm only 18, but have always wanted to travel. My plan was to do my GCSEs, go to Sixth Form, then go onto Uni to do nursing. But I have temporarily stalled"

Samantha Berg

"When I discovered your videos I was suffering with OCD and drowning in negativity. Now, however, I am finally happy thanks to your positive, peaceful spirit. The example you've set has changed my life"

Samantha Berg

"When I discovered your videos I was suffering with OCD and drowning in negativity. Now, however, I am finally happy thanks to your positive nature and peaceful spirt. "

Samantha Berg

"Louus you have changed my life. When I discovered your videos I was suffering with OCD and drowning in negativity. Now, however, I am finally happy thanks to your positive nature and peaceful spirt. "


"It's very deep question and it took me over 20 years to understand what I truly want and what I'm willing to hurt for. In this society you have to be very brave to fight what you believe in"


"You are such an inspiration for people like me who would love to travel the world and take part in amazing "backpack" adventures! Not enough people have the courage to go against "the rules"


"It's amazing how you've come from the same place as the rest of us and now you're making Youtube videos and inspiring others (including myself) in the same way that you were once inspired."


"You're seriously so enlightening... YOURE A WISE OLD MAN! Yes yes yes!! But young.... Since I've been watching you blogs (it's been a very long time) you have changed how I see everything"


"So inspiring, yes. Enjoy every second of time, doing what you want to do. "


"i ask myself the same question very often but i still don't know the answer. i hope someday i will meet a guy like rob who can help me finding my answer."


"Louis is an absolute inspiration. Watching his daily vlogs is the highlight of my day. He is truly an amazing person-love him! "


"this really makes me think, Louis is right, it is one of the hardest decisions in life to chose what you want. I'm still young, 19 years old but I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with my life"

Elizabeth Marie

"And now Louis is inspiring others to live the way we want to. I like this a lot! Maybe one day, I'll finally figure out what will make me happiest in my life & what I really want to do with it. x"


"Very nice, really makes me start to think what i want out of my life. :)"


"hi Louis :) I hope to see you in Cyprus, soon!! ;) take care!! xxx"

Gage H.

"Louis was one of the main people who have inspired me to start YouTube and begin travelling more. Until I saw Louis' videos, the only travelling I would do would be holidaying in the country, but now"


"What do I want... I love my life, my friends, what I study, who I am as a person But I just want one day where I don't feel restrained by how self-conscious I am about my body. Just one day. "


"Louis im going to try and be more active and adventurous this summer because of you ! Im going to america for a month and i might vlog my trip. Stay cool louis, stay cool "


"Hi Louis, probably won't see this but anyway...question: How did you get the money to travel before your youtube success?"


"What do you want is really a challenging question but after watching louis vlogs for over a year I know what I want to do. Thank you louis for inspiring me daily and for taking me along on your adventures"


"Louis, you are the kind of guy with who I want to sit down and discuss for hours. Just like you would have wanted to do this with the man that inspired you. "


"Hi, it's amazing to hear the beginning of Louis' story. It's a good question and I think more people should answer it. I've been watching Louis' videos for over half a year now and it's amazing"


"That's a question that I've been asking me lately too. I think it's so brave that you just do what you want to and what you love without caring about Society. Î'm trying to do this too "


"very cool story... I look forward to seeing Louis daily content and I'm always inspired by everything he does... keep it up! "


"I think it's fantastic that you found the courage to do what it is that you want and not look back. I hope one day soon i'll be able to do the same! :)"

Chloe S

"So inspiring as always louis :) love your YouTube channel :)"


"Really motivating message behind this story!"

Elizabeth Marie

"And now Louis is inspiring others to live the way we want to. I like this a lot! Maybe one day, I'll finally figure out what will make me happiest in my life & what I really want to do with it. x"


"From watching your vids I have really started to consider what I've wanted out of life and that I want to live life to the fullest. SO thank you to you and to Rob! "

Katie P

"Louis is an inspiration to live out every day to its fullest. We need to live the adventure!! "


"I love the message :) and love your bolg thanks lousi for sending me here :)"


"I'm really proud of how much Louis Youtube channel has grown. He is such a magnificent person and he inspires people to pursue their dreams. "


"Very exciting Louis! Such an inspiration."

Mike from Poland

"Hey Louis, I agree with you, that is a very deep question. One of those that seem easy to answer at first but then you can't find the words to say what you want to say. "


"I watch Louis daily video and there amazing and because of you i never stop dreaming i love how Louis just does what he wants he dreams and most of his dreams come true your so inspirational Louis"


" i love it!"


"Amazing! So inspirational!!"


"That's something that starts to change me too and i think it's wonderful that you could adjust your life so that you're doing what you want and what you love! I hope I can be as brave"


"That's really awesome. It does make you think, even the smallest questions in life can mean so much and make you really think and possibly inspire you. Keep up the amazing work Louis"


"It's great to think that someone inspired Louis to change his life and live the way he does now and here he is down the line inspiring me and many others to go and live the adventure."


"Louis, Your The Man! "


"I completely believe we live for others and not ourselves. I'm just finished my A-Levels, and other people are trying to get me to do things I don't want to. I want to travel and see the world."

Alexandria Pulliam

"I've never physically met someone who has changed my whole opinion on what you as a contributor society should and should not do. "


"1st! Also, hi Louis :D"


"great story truly life changing and louis your a legend"


"I watch Louis Youtube videos, and Rob really must have sparked something in Louis for him to be so blessed and awesome. "

Kevin Holbrook

"Hey man, I've actually been a sub on your food channel for ages and only just found out about your funforlouis channel. I am loving it, what you do is so awesome."


"Hey Louis, love your message 👌👊👊"


"Yeah, Louis! Getting it done and making it happen! When I grow up O want to be just like you (even though we're the same age!) Because of you I will never stop dreaming!"


"I am so glad you met him and he inspired/made you realise what you want to do because you are doing the exact same for others, you've definetly inspired me to do some things I wouldn't have thought possible"

Oli K

"I really like this story and the message. It is really inspirational and gets really deep and makes you think really hard. This will stay in my head because I really do like it!! :)"


"my mum tells me to get a job do this do that so do alot of other people but i think to myself why should i do it cant i do what i like to do to adventure to travel to have fun instead of a having a 9 to 5 job"

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