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2285“So, the other day I was diving in Koh Chang. I was doing this exercise at 12 metres deep. I had to fill the mask with water and then remove it.

”Something went wrong and I had a little amount of water in my mouth. I was trying to get it off but instead I got more. My mouth is full of water and I cannot breath properly any more.

”I was starting to get a little panic attack. I was literally drowning at this point, in front of my diving instructor. They grabbed my vest and put the regulator back to my mouth so I can breathe a little bit.

”We hit the surface. Immediately I pulled the regulator out of my mouth and I start to cough the water out. When I finished coughing and I start to breathe normally, my instructor asked me this. I’m glad I can say I am.”

As you’ll hear in his audio clip, Anton – who is Finnish - speaks English very well. After his photo was taken he realised he’d spelled “okay” differently to the usual way – but I liked how he’d originally done it, so kept it.

Taken on Koh Chang island, Thailand, on the SOTM World Tour.

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