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2195“My dad told me this sentence when I was really young,” Layla explains in her audio commentary, “because I remember at the time I was sulking because I’d had a fight with my sisters. And I was sulking because I always had to be the one to say sorry because I was the youngest.

”I remember that he took me aside into his little office in our house and said this to me. I think he meant it in the sense that you gain a certain power and strength and that ultimately you defuse the situation when you apologise first.

"It stuck with me all these years and it means a lot to me now thinking about it, because my dad did pass away a few years ago. I find it especially funny in some ways because my dad was definitely not the type to say sorry.

”In fact I don’t think he ever apologised in his life, or at least not that I’m aware of. But clearly he was still a very wise man, regardless of the fact that he was a very proud man.” Taken in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the SOTM World Tour.

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"The first to say sorry is the strongest, and wisest too. It not only diffuses the situation, it let's you and the other person not have the time for grudges!"

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