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He Should Just Be Happy This Is A No Kill Facility

762 Infinite Monkeys said that this shot was taken “in my Providence, Utah yard” in the USA. He sent it in via the SOTM Flickr page and explained: “Sammy Dog has a ritual where he goes out and pees on something and then walks 5 to 10 feet and pees on something else and then walks another 5 to 10 feet and pees on... well, you get the idea.

"Eventually he has crossed a residential street on his way to sniff his friend Buddys' butt. We do not approve of him crossing of the street but he has promised to look both ways and be safe. This has worked well for us except for a few times when Sammy Dog had more pee than usual and was then distracted by things that needed pee on them.

"On Saturday someone saw Sammy Dog crossing the road, picked him up and took him home - 15 miles away. We searched and searched for him not knowing he had been rescued from us. They did track us down through Sammy Dogs tags but when they came back to the house to confirm(?) that we belonged to him - they did not bring him with them.

"Kory had to drive out through the storm and get him from them. The guy that rescued him said he worked with animals in a no kill facility. So now whenever Sammy Dog pisses us off, Jodi says ‘He should just be glad this is a no kill facility’.

"and we laugh and laugh. and we are thankful and happy that Sammy Dog is home.”

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