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2466Diana Edelman @dtravelsround “I just turned 30 and for my birthday I decided to take a trip to Croatia,” Diana says in her audio clip.

”So I took 10 days from my job working in PR in Atlanta to go. While halfway through my trip I began to kind of realise that I wasn’t happy in my job.

”I met this guy named Simon one night. Next day we went to the beach and he was telling me about his life, and that he wanted to live to help people.

”When he said that to me it gave me permission to accept that myself and realise that the job didn’t matter to me, what mattered was living my life and being able to look back when I was old and know that I did everything I could to live the best life I possibly could.

”I quit my job, started a blog, went travelling and never looked back.”

Taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the SOTM World Tour by Isaac Brightmore.

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