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2283This is the excellent Chuck Mallett, renowned theatre critic who I met in Melbourne. He kindly spared a few minutes to share this story with us, and at 88 is, I believe, the oldest SOTM participant to date.

“Well, it was my father who told me this,” Chuck says in his audio commentary. “He was a very enlightened man. I think I was about seven or eight.

“He said ‘Son, I will never give you advice, and never take any. You know more what is right for you than anybody else ever will.”

Chuck then assured me that he had indeed followed his father’s instructions. There’s a slight irony about him taking his father’s advice on this matter, of course, but you can understand the message Chuck’s dad was trying to convey.

Taken on the SOTM World Tour at the offices of 774 ABC Melbourne where Chuck was appearing on the Libbi Gorr show to talk about theatre performances in the city.

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