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2465“So I was on a short trip to Denver, Colorado, one of the free-thinking areas of the United States of America,” explains Matt in his audio clip.

”I was having a nice little day enjoying the sunshine and I passed by a homeless man. I asked how he was doing and this was his reply.

”I thought: ‘Wow, that’s frickin’ genius.’ So that’s kind of been the slogan for my life ever since then.

It adds on itself every day, so every day I’m like: ‘Wow, this is the best day of my life. This green is greener than it was yesterday, my hair is hairier than it was yesterday, everything is just more today than it was yesterday. It’s the best day of my life and it’s no big deal.”

Taken in Manila, Philippines during the SOTM World Tour. After we spoke, Matt said he'd had wristbands made with this phrase on it. He gave me one, and I still wear it today.

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