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2314“We were out at Burning Man festival last year,” says Josh in his audio clip, who is a fine fellow and possesses a quite spectacular beard, as you can see.

”Next to where we were staying there was a really large bus. It was called the ‘BAHS’ because it was the Big Amazing Homosexual Sheep.

”Basically it was part disco, part penetrable sculpture, part homosexual disco is the description the owners of the bahs would tell us about it.

”So we were over there, hanging out with some friends, eating some food, when this girl – she called herself Hannah Montana, that was her name, she was from Germany originally – she was like: ‘Hey guys,’ and she said this.

”You could actually climb up the ladder into the sheep’s ass, which would be a nice slide down into a big homosexual disco. Which was really freakin’ awesome.

”It was definitely one of the defining nights of Burning Man – climbing into a sheep’s ass after having fondue in the desert, with random people that you just met.”

Taken in Chiang Mail, Thailand on the SOTM World Tour.

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