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Mela Inti Malti?

1337Foreign Language Friday: Alex Grech submitted this from Malta, using the SOTM Flickr group. I used to do the same walk that he mentions, as I grew up round the corner from Manoel Island.

Alex wrote: “Most Saturdays, Jacob and I walk from Manoel Island in Malta to Sliema. In winter, we've got most of the promenade to ourselves. Once the good weather kicks in, the harbour cruise guys take up residence. And that's where the fun begins. Because everyone assumes that because Jacob is blond, and I am his father, we must be dying to get on to a harbour cruise.

“So Jacob now has a little ditty along the lines of 'Jiena Kavallier Malti' (I'm a Maltese Knight). Which invariably is met by a shrug and a grumpy 'Mela inti Malti?' (So you're Maltese?)

“Jacob's holding a wooden shield with the Maltese cross. And in our garden he's safe from touts and people running harbour cruises.”

corner corner corner corner



"these are arab words too !"

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