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You Are Completely Worthless. Your Totaly Useless And No One Will Ever Love You

1124Romey sent this in from Conyers, Georgia, USA. He wrote: I took this photo while on the cold hard floor at home. It seemed rather fitting. I have been told I was useless and worthless a few times by a few people, but being told by my love interest hit me hard.

"Although it hurt me the most when she told me, 'No One will EVER Love You'. She knew I had,...have, a fear of being Alone and Unloved. She knew it'd stab me in the heart. The worst part is, so far shes been right.

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"i love you. you were strong enough to say what i couldn't. so you know what.. that means they are wrong."


"Dont listen to what she says, or what others say. Listen to yourself, and love yourself. When you love your self you will never be unloved :)"


"Don't you dare feel alone and unloved. You are amazing. I can tell by the way you had the courage to post this. I hope you know that you have a friend in me, and that the one special one for you is o"


"Misspelled you're and totally."

Rose Grant

"dont ever EVER belive in a person that says that to u.. no one will be alone or unlove... u will find it.. it just takes time for other ppl.. but a person that says that to u.. its not worth ur time, "


"At the risk of sounding cliche, don't let her rule you. Rise above her and her skewed conception of you and show the world that you are MORE than worth it. Find joy in your everyday life and reach ou"




"You're just gonna have to prove her wrong! No one is useless and everybody has worth :) I'm sure everyone here will back me up on this =P"


"This just made me get pi**ed!! well, she problably feels unloved and wanted to make you feel bad, so nobody could tell she feels misserable, Don't worry life is so powerful and it makes you pay the i"


"That's incredibly cruel. Everyone deserves to be loved."


"I don't believe that's true.. Any of it :]"

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