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1063Joel Laventure sent this in from Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada. He wrote: Who told you that quote? My Uncle What happened when the picture was taken? Before the picture my sister tripped me.

"Why that location? Because It had the best lighting and no one could see me. What effect did your SOTM have on you? It helped me overcome my fears if what society thought of me.

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"More comfortable with guns? When was the last time somebody called the cops because somebody was holding hands?"

Matt G

"Inaccurate comment. I spent the weekend hanging out with an openly gay man who is having to fight harder for his right to carry a gun than his right to hold hands with another man. He's actually fil"


"In California?? Where hand-holding and even kissing by two men or women is totally acceptable, but the State is seeking to outlaw open-carry?"

Weer'd Beard

"As a Resident of Massachusetts I find your statement very short-sighted. Why is it any legal activity is judged by people?"

Rose Grant

"GREAT STOM, really! luv it! "

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