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Each Day Is A Gift, And Not A Given Right

1032 Vanessa cre8iveaddiction sent this in from Wasilla, Alaska, United States, through the SOTM Flickr group, and wrote: “She said...each day is a gift and not a given right.

“Here she is. Meet the other half of my soul, the keeper of my memories and the holder of my heart. She's a realist...I'm a dreamer. She's a thinker...I'm a doer. She's sensible...I'm daring. When we were 16, I rigged our prom votes to have her elected prom queen. When I was in a deadly accident, she showed up with tears in her eyes and a rose in hand.

“This quote defines who we are at this moment. After surviving more than 25 years as best friends, sorrows of a jackass husband who hurt her, love of children who tear our insides out and have us crying on one another's shoulders, and most recently...survivors of cancer.

"Her strength fuels mine, her spirit matches mine in pattern, word and deed. She is everything I ever hope to be. She is my gift.”

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