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606 Kate Matlock was told this by her father, when seeking advice about job interviews. “My dad has said a lot of good things to me, but this is one of the best.” She also added that he “looks just like Santa Claus”.

Taken in a back street in Camden, London. Check out her video commentary for a little more on this.

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"I've returned to this pic too many times to count. You have no idea how hard it has hit home for me, thank you for this."


"with me, the problem is: does the interviewer really wants to know the truth?"


"LOVE it and LOVE the picture. Great quote Popa! Sending my love."


"I love it! What a good quote. "

Judy Burnett Albright

"We aren't honest when we are afraid of what we don't know, of what others will think, or what might come to light about us. Everytime we aren't honest, the thing that we fear grows more intense."


"YAY!! Thanks, Mario. I'm blogging and passing the link like crazy. Hope you get some good feedback!"

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