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If You Ever Get Low Again Slap Yourself And Ask This 'What Am I Doing About It?' If Your Answer Is 'Nothing' Then Think Of Me And Say 'OK OK I'm Goin'

910 Lindsay Macdougall submitted this via the SOTM Flickr group from the wonderfully-titled Washabuck, Nova Scotia, Canada.

She wrote: so well i was having a down night, and didnt know what to do, so i msged bee (one of the greatest people on this whole earth !). and i explained to her what happened and all that jazz, and we talked for, oh god only knows for how long lol , and before she left she told me this :) and im very greatful to have her as my friend :)

"theres just some times in life where you need someone to just slap you in the face and tell you to do something about it. theres times when you just need to hear more than 'it'll be alright'.

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"I completelyyy agreee. =]"

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