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You Were Prom Queen? I Don't Believe It

1247Amy sent this in from Madison, Ohio in the US. She wrote: "a boy from another highschool had looked at me a few days after prom and asked me with a look of utter shock, 'you were prom queen? i dont believe it!'

"the moment a girl wins prom queen you think of sheer happiness...however instead of a moment of knowing everyone was happy i won, there was a lot of hostility because i'm not the pretty, athletic, social girl that would stereotypically win.. i'm the nerd, the one who struggled to find a partner in group projects.

"even if people couldnt believe that i won prom queen, i did. even though it means nothing now that i'm a sophmore in college, i always feel like it was a big moment for shy, nerdy, socially awkward girls everywhere. (:"

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"You deserve it more than anyone else. You are a gorgeous, intelligent young lady! No one can and should be able to take that right away. Keep your head high and stay strong! "


"The SAME thing happened to me. The boy actually asked a teacher and she said something along the lines of, "I know right?!" It doesn't matter, I'm still proud :)"


"The SAME thing happened to me :) "


"Simply inspiring!"


"my hero."


"Well deserved."

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