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Tajomstvd Slobody Je Odvaha

1792Foreign Language Friday: This was sent in by Lucia, whose Slovakian phase means 'The secret of freedom is courage'.

She wrote: "My great-uncle is 80 year old, and he said this to me last year when I was going through a bit of a tough period - feeling stuck in my life. My 6 year relationship was lovely and comfortable, and everything seemed ok but I felt like I was not quite fully living my life somehow.

"I realised what he meant, and I simply changed my life, split from my boyfriend, joined a yoga course and start travelling more. I no longer feel stuck and realised that freedom comes from within but also, not being scared to go outside of your comfort zone." Taken in Zvolen, Slovakia.

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"Thank you! I am in a similar position but sometimes doubt my own courage. Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip that is way out of my comfort zone. You inspire me to be brave and welcoming of the world! Th"

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