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I'll Use The Dyson To Pick Them Up!

1214 Kristy Hom sent this in, taken in her family's living room in SE Arizona, US through the SOTM Flickr group. Her own SOTM can be seen here: sotm// 26012010. She wrote: “His father makes this threat often. He loves legos.

"He has played with them all his life, and enjoys building sets and making stop motion animation movies with his bricks and brick people.

“Unfortunately for the rest of the family, his creative process is spread all over the floor on a daily basis. The dog can't make it to the back door. Feet often find the bricks underfoot in the dark. (a painful experience) and the clutter creates chaos.

“He has vowed to do a better job in cleaning up his legos.....”

corner corner corner corner



"Hee hee!! You know what, Michael? He could probably fill a dyson sphere up with legos! It would be the ultimate dream for him! (that much space, and that many legos...)"

Michael R

"I kept thinking he meant Dyson Sphere,"

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