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Someone Once Told Me

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Everyone's Always Alright

634Sent in by the fascinating Rhodri Marsden, a journalist, musician and blogger who has scribbled for many of the good and the great, such as the Independent, The Guardian, Observer and Time Out. He's also the keyboardist with Scritti Politti and has even written a couple of books for good measure.

Of his SOTM, taken in Tooting, London, he wrote: “I worry about everything. Particularly the reasons why people are late, or if they don't call. I'm a slave to the question "What If?" During one particularly panic-stricken evening, Keith said to me: "Thing is, Rhodri, everyone's always alright." Despite this being palpably untrue, I derived a minuscule crumb of comfort from it. I still do.” as it’s quite a read.

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