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Be Brave

1485Jo Hayes sent this in from London. She and her mother had chatted to me outside Bar Italia in Soho one time, and I told them about SOTM. A few days later Jo kindly sent me her contribution.

She wrote: “I've been told this more than once in my life, which probably means I should have listened better the first time. A close friend wrote it in a letter to me while I was travelling in 2004, and I was told to 'be brave' again a few years ago at one of those hideous '7 ways to be more successful' work training events that I was forced into by an ex-boss.

“It has become a bit of a mantra that I often repeat to myself. I think these two little words have often given me the push I needed to do things that I perhaps would have shied away from, and have led me into having some wonderful experiences and meeting some very interesting and inspiring people. Thank you Sara and Esther.”

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